Nineteen Degrees are educational and responsible tourism experts specialising in international short-term mobility experiences.



We excel

• We build creative, innovative and sustainable overseas clinical programs for tertiary students
• We spend time listening to universities to understand their exact needs and requirements for the student placement
• We design programs in collaboration with university clinical facilitators that allow students to achieve learning outcomes associated with their course
•  We work collaboratively with Australian university partners and organisations in Asia to develop bespoke community-based experiences and development projects that place groups of skilled students in uniquely experiential situations
• We conduct in depth, bespoke pre-departure programs considering current industry best practice recommendations
• We manage risk and provide 24/7 tailored support in country and in Australia
• We research the communities we work with and ensure a win-win for all those involved


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We act

• We carefully monitor all projects to develop the programs and communities we work in
• We conduct extensive debriefs with partner institutions and students after every program to improve program performance
• We design extensive feedback and evaluation processes to continuously improve programs in terms of content, logistics and student practices
• We monitor key indicators to ensure that the development project is a success
• We provide Community Development Workshops to promote sustainability, community ownership and accountability
• We communicate to different audiences in different innovative ways

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We aim

• To inspire Australian tertiary students to work hard with their Asian counterparts and experientially learn from participating in community projects in culturally diverse environments
• To assist Australian universities to provide exceptional international study options to their students at an affordable cost
• To empower locals through community involvement, engagement and education
• To work with communities to build capacity for long-term and sustainable self-sufficiency
• To contribute to health education
• To improve self health awareness
•  To travel responsibly; protect the environment, support the local economy and positively impact the communities
• To promote plastic-free travel

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We differ

• We are Australian owned and operated and have worked with both Australian universities and our Asian partners for over ten years
• We manage risk and continuously review our critical incident response policy and plans
• We’ve worked in both the educational and responsible travel sectors in Australia, Asia and Europe
• We understand Australian university international mobility goals and pain points
• We are passionate about responsible travel and community development in Asia
• We are keen to nurture long term partnerships between universities and local communities