Most disciplines can be catered for on university group placements in Asia. Please click on the country for more detail about each of the projects we work with and how you might be able to get involved.


Nursing and Midwifery

There are a variety of options for community placements in Asia for nursing and midwifery students. The networks of health systems vary in each of the countries we work in and as such communities face different challenges. Placements generally focus on primary healthcare and promotion, working with hospitals and NGOs on health outreach projects and with local clinics to build their capacity and skills. Students conduct health assessments and screenings with community populations, working alongside local healthcare professionals and interpreters. Ward rotations are also possible in larger hospitals. Nursing and Midwifery university group placements are available in Cambodia, India, Laos, Nepal, Thailand and Vietnam



Allied Health

Allied Health Professions including Physiotherapy and Exercise Science, Occupational Therapy, Speech Pathology, Chiropractic Science, Pharmacy, Public Health and Social Work all have a significant role to play working with projects across Asia. Students working in single discipline or interprofessional groups support allied healthcare delivery and access to services in a variety of settings in Cambodia, IndiaNepal and Vietnam. Working with local staff in rehabilitation hospitals and centres and on community outreach programs students practice clinical skills whilst gaining broader perspectives on allied health within different cultures and settings. 




Access to oral health is often limited in the more underdeveloped parts of Asia. Dentists are often few and far between and so messages about even the basics of oral hygiene are often not delivered consistently. The lack of financial resources combined with lack of education results in conditions going untreated and causing poor dental health. Dental students have the opportunity to work alongside dentists or organisations running oral hygiene programs in Cambodia, India and Vietnam in University student groups. 




Education students have a myriad of opportunities to choose from including teaching in schools and community organisations with minimal resources and catering to children from very different backgrounds and circumstances to us here in Australia. Students might be involved in teaching English and improving childrens' and adults’ ability to use conversational English or teach other subjects in the school’s curriculum to gain experience and possible credit. Depending on the site students teach either alongside the local staff, as a teacher’s assistant or solo if they have enough experience. Placements are possible in Cambodia, India, Nepal and Thailand



Community Internship

Working in an NGO environment students are provided the opportunity to not only learn how community based organisations operate in a challenging cross cultural context but provide assistance and upskill staff members on systems and processes. Student placements in Cambodia and India allow students experience in project management, planning and delivery.