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Meet the People



Whether it is the universities, university lecturers, supervisors and students we work with, in-country project partners, staff and health professionals, or local people on the ground in places where we operate, Nineteen Degrees put great focus on people.

Click on the images below to learn more about some of the different people making Nineteen Degrees what it is today. Get to know some of those you are likely to meet on the ground and read some of their stories and perspectives.


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Fiona Reeves

With over 20 years international student mobility, travel and teaching experience in the Asia-Pacific region, Fiona, is a strategic, innovative thinker with the ability to sensitively work in cross-cultural environments.

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Michelle Desmarchelier

Michelle our travel agent has worked in various roles within the Travel Industry for the past 30 years, ranging from specialist niche travel companies, wholesalers and retail travel agencies both in Australia and the UK.

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Vichhay Chhean

Prompt and enthusiastic, Vichhay is an outstanding host on the ground and takes a personal responsibility for all groups visiting Siem Reap. 

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Zoe de Reus

Zoe is a marketing and business development professional with over 8 years experience in both the tourism and corporate sector. She has travelled widely throughout the Asian region and participated in study programs in multiple countries in Asia.

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Phuong Coi

With a Bachelors Degree in International Business and more than 13 years working in tourism and hospitality no challenge is too big for Phuong and she is always full of smiles!

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Sonam Sangpo

In addition to working tirelessly within the responsible tourism sector in Nepal, Sonam has spent a number of years working for the Lions Club in Pokhara. 

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Hazel Rands

As Academic Lead for the Griffith University’s international clinical placements, Hazel is a wealth of knowledge and an inspiration, especially when it comes to community engagement, student career development and motivational learning.

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Local Health Professionals

Here’s a few examples of some of the local health professionals you may meet along the way, should you decide to visit Cambodia on your clinical experience.

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Local Physiotherapists

Meet some of the of the characters you may work alongside, if you take up a Nineteen Degrees Physiotherapy study placement in Cambodia.

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Local Physio Patients

In Cambodia the projects Nineteen Degrees’ partner with help a variety of people. Here are some examples of the patients you’re likely to be meeting during your placement.

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Local Health Patients

You will meet many different types of locals in a countryside health facility in rural Cambodia. Meet some of them here!

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Here are some perspectives from students who have travelled with Nineteen Degrees highlighting some of their experiences and the impacts an international placement has had on them.

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University Supervisors

Here is a brief look at some of the perspectives from university lecturers and supervisors that regularly travel with Nineteen Degrees.   

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Who we work with

How we support you


As experts in international mobility and Asia specialists, Nineteen Degrees can manage all aspects of the placements from start to finish.

International Student Mobility

Nineteen Degrees is available for consult on all matters concerning international student mobility including:

Developing and managing international host site partnerships
Securing government funding for programs
Promoting opportunities and preparing student groups for international placements
Developing international placements to suit individual discipline requirements and managing logistics of all activities
Ensuring programs are designed and operated responsibly to ensure maximum positive impact
Focussing on risk management and emergency response to ensure the safety of participants at all times

Tailor-made Placements

We work with the university to choose the destination, the placement, the best time of year to travel and the optimum duration of placement. We can also assist in facilitation of an established international placement. No task is too small or too big!

We tailor-make the package according to the university’s requirements arranging the placement itinerary, communicating the project needs of the host community or organisation, booking flights, accommodation, interpreters and providing pre-departure preparation and risk management procedures.