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We partner with a number of community development initiatives in Uttarakhand advocating for community participation in development projects to improve access to healthcare, a reliable income and education. We work with community groups to provide them with tools to better understand their options. Students are provided the opportunity to immerse themselves in India’s rich culture whilst practicing skills in healthcare and sustainable community development.

A major regional power and one that is rising globally, India has a population of over one billion and culturally might very well be the most diverse place in the world. India’s immensely varied art, history, religions, and traditions are organically woven together in an intricate tapestry. Its infinite variety favours you with different facets of fascination every time you visit. To travel in India is to expand one’s notion of the possible configurations of human society. Journeys to India can be complex and challenging, but they are always supremely rewarding.

It is confronting when you set foot in Delhi, where pollution is likely to revolt you with its stench. And it is confronting when you notice Hindu's entrenched class system and ill-treated outcasts. But while India may send your Western ideas of humanity into torrents of outrage, it will also doubtlessly impress you with some of the less confronting aspects of Indian cultural heritage: the glorious Taj Mahal in Agra and dozens of other beautiful temples, the traditionally beautiful state of Kerala (often referred to as God's Own Country), rich cultural and architectural heritage in Rajasthan & Tamil Nadu, Indians' love for cricket and a cuisine that is simply superb.


Griffith University India Community Internship 2020

Spend 3 weeks in India during Trimester 3 and earn 10CP towards your Griffith University degree


Working with NGOs, government institutions and often side by side with local health and development professionals as well as Indian university students, students have the opportunity to expand their learning in this rich cultural environment. We concentrate on engaging the students with the communities every step of the way. Students will learn sustainable development tools and techniques and how these can be incorporated with the practical skills learnt in the Australian lecture theatre to bring about positive gains in community health. Placement options exist in hospitals and healthcare delivery community organisations so you can expect to shadow doctors and nurses in clinical settings whilst also assisting local healthcare providers on health outreach programs.


In Country Support

The support team in Northern India have a great deal of experience working with international groups and connect with a strong network of community based organisations, government departments and NGOs in Delhi and Uttarakhand to provide interesting and challenging placements for university students. They work above and beyond, always going the extra mile to ensure students are well supported. Nineteen Degrees staff have worked with our partners for several years, and we value their knowledge, advice, and experience. Their support is wide, employing graduates from community development initiatives and providing long term financial support to local grass roots organisations. We are extremely proud to be partnering with them.


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