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At Nineteen Degrees we like to support our host partners in Asia in any way we can. The community projects and organisations we work with deserve to be celebrated by their supporters.

Through this page we will promote our partners and their products including ways you can support them through online shopping and donations.

The mission of PYDS is to enhance the lives of underprivileged rural children through holistic education, nutrition and healthcare. Holistic education extends beyond transferring knowledge to the student, it goes beyond fostering a desire to learn, further than instilling in the student the practice of following school rules and the ethical and spiritual rules of life and social interaction, further even than empathy and consideration of others – holistic education aspires to create in the student a personal code of behaviour and the moral strength to follow that code throughout life. The students are also initiated in a dialogue with the conversations of the past generations and not merely as a subscriber to the knowledge but to bring a respectful but questioning mind.

PYDS is dedicated to enhancing the lives of underprivileged rural young people. To achieve this they offer holistic care and education, and foster in these children a desire for excellence. Part of this mission is instilling in the students a sense of community; a respect for responsible, ethical living, and a desire to preserve the beautiful environment of the Himalayan foothills of their birth. Their education is broad based and encompasses a wide variety of experiences. Education provided to them is designed to be enjoyable and meaningful, sensitive to the rural needs and supplemented by nutrition and healthcare.

The priority is to assist children from families which are at the bottom of the Socio-Economic Ladder. They need to be pulled out from the utter hopelessness that poverty brings; platitudes are of no consequence – demonstration of a positive intervention is the only route to rebuild their self-confidence and dignity.

PYDS depend on friends and well-wishers for sustaining this goal. Please consider making a contribution now. 


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PSSS is an NGO engaged in women empowerment from 41 villages.

Purkal Stree Shakti Samiti

The PSSS program aims to help rural women become entrepreneurs through welfare support. This includes free skill training, workspace, nutrition, healthcare, transport and a day care centre for their infants. 15 women from the ranks are supervisors and group leaders. Women are formed into Self Help Groups (SHGs) and they earn through creating beautiful quilts and other handmade products (see ).

This activity helps provide economic stability and assists their income-starved families. All proceeds from sales go back to the women through their self –help groups. There are bank accounts that each of the Self Help Groups maintain and their activities are accounted as independent economic units.

The status of women has grown significantly through the Society and now these women participate in panchayat, reject early marriage, care for proper nutrition and their living standards have grown.



How can you support PSSS:


The ladies of the self-help groups affiliated with PSSS sell their international quality handicrafts online. Click on the above for the latest selections of bed covers, baby quilts, cushion covers and bags. International shipping to Australia possible.

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