Our Impact

Cambodia clinic

Our cornerstone

The positive impact our programs have on Australian tertiary students and the communities we work with is the cornerstone of what we do at Nineteen Degrees.

We listen to each and every university client to ensure the placement we devise in conjunction with our host partners in Asia delivers the requirements stipulated by the course outcomes in a safe and sustainable manner. We also explore with student groups how service learning projects such as those offered by Nineteen Degrees can provide valuable experience and development of skills such as leadership, project management and cross-cultural communication – skills strongly respected and admired by future employers. We make sure the impact of a Nineteen Degrees placement in Asia gives every student the step up when it comes to looking for that perfect job.

Building strong relationships and partnerships with our host project partners in Asia is vital to our operations and the ultimate success of a student placement. Regular, thoughtful communication where we listen and collaborate with the communities and organisations we work with is the foundation of developing project goals and plans. Read the next section on how we work to learn more.


How we work

Here at Nineteen Degrees we work at the heart of the community we operate in. By thorough selection and rigorous monitoring and evaluation procedures, we are confident in delivering successful student placements as well as providing positive community impact. 

We listen to our university partners to understand what they are looking for and we build long term partnerships with organisations on the ground in Asia to provide sustainable solutions for them to achieve their goals. 



Success Stories

We don't have the ability to solve world problems, but we are passionate about helping others achieve great things. By working alongside our project partners and listening to universities we strive to understand needs and assess where students are best placed to help others achieve their goals. Here are some snippets of a few of the people and places we've helped along the way



Partner Support

We like to support our host partners in Asia in any way we can. The community projects and organisations we work with deserve to be celebrated by their supporters.

Through this page we will promote our partners and their products including ways you can support them through online shopping and donations.